About Us

We started Varda Concealed Carry because we used to have to choose between being comfortable in our clothes or carrying our firearms. We chose comfort more than we would like to admit. If we carried in non-specialty made apparel, we noticed printing and discomfort due to the firearm and holster’s contact with the skin. If we carried in specialty made garments, we knew we stuck out and would repeatedly perform awkward readjustments because those clothes were not made for comfort.

The conventional wisdom in concealment is to wear clothes a size up or to wear  “tactical-cool-guy” apparel. We found these existing options bulky and made of bland colors. In our view, part of concealing goes beyond simply hiding a firearm from sight, but the term also incorporates blending in by avoiding “tactical” clothes with giant logos and images associated with firearms.

We wanted clothes in which we could conceal carry, but clothes that we did not feel like it already looked like we were carrying. We wanted clothes that we could carry in that we could wear to work, to the store, to the golf course, or just to the couch in the living room. However, we had different clothes for just about each one of those activities.

After searching and searching, we could not find anything that met our standards, so we did it ourselves. Welcome to Varda Concealed Carry, made in the USA concealed carry apparel constructed with equal parts comfort and concealment in mind. Stay safe and stay strapped.